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Wri/Dir seeks co-producer for financed short (and subsequent feature)

I'm a Writer-Director/Producer whose award-winning feature film debut was recently released by Warner Bros./LightYear. My follow-up is a punk screwball comedy but before I dive into that, I want to put together a high-concept short film as a warm-up/dry run/team-building exercise. Since I can't write, direct AND produce it myself, I am looking for a good producer to collaborate with. The idea is to roll as much of the cast and crew into the feature as possible, in order to hit the deep waters with max momentum.

The short is very high-concept and ambitious yet simple and brief, with robust screening potential. Also, it is fully financed, mostly storyboarded, and basically ready, it just needs someone to run the ship while I helm.

_Randy (Mack)
Armak Productions

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This bittersweet riff is an anxiously auspicious debut. Immensely appealing performances nail an exceptionally canny script. — Village Voice

“Burning Annie” is a thoroughly professional comedy, well paced, attractively photographed and smartly acted. — New York Times

A surprising little charmer, overcoming its low-budget origins with sharp writing and a genuinely sweet sensibility. — New York magazine

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