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Okay thanks. Some people in the industry I asked, had a look at the program and said even if I put the hard work into it, I will not learn anything good, cause the school itself, does not have good assignments to offer, that would actually be effective.

They said that me being on the crew, is part of the problem, cause I will not get my money's worth out of it. They said that it's not the work I put in, it's the limitations of the assignments you are given. They also told me that the networking I learn will do no good in the industry, cause you only learn how to network in Saskatchewan, Canada, where I live, as oppose to a school that teaches networking on a national or even international level. So I was looking really forward to going, but now after hearing this, I am actually quite discouraged from it. I was ready to put in all the hard work, but if the assignments will not teach me what I need to learn, and if the networking is ineffective, cause it's not on a national scale, I am not sure what decision to make now.

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