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I think I can't make film internationally. Is there anyone famous from Iran here?

I was friend with a rabbi comedian who lives in Hollywood, USA. He no longer talks to me. I am from a Muslim family in north of Iran, but probably have other background, too. I develop software and am not so bad, but the problem is that one expertise tires me, so I love working in two different things.
I don't have college degree.
I was someone active in supporting peace in middle east, but it doesn't mean I am a politician, I was only active online.
I like writing, even from time to time I compose poems which just make me feel better. I don't know principles of poems, and think modern poetry doesn't need it, though, my poems seem like traditional ones.
But here, it is about movies, not poems.
I like to write something, and if one thinks it needs someone be a help, he should rewrite instead of co-write. I mean co-writing doesn't help me in my idea, but you can say if think I am wrong.
Is there known in Iran movie industry here seeing my message?

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