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Hi everyone, just wanted to share a new article from WriteMovies Director of World Wide Development, Ian Kennedy - WHAT REALLY MAKES PEOPLE (AND CHARACTERS) ‘BAD’ OR ‘EVIL’ (OR SOMETIMES JUST BRILLIANT) AND WHAT’S IT GOT TO DO WITH WRITING?.

Really interesting article on what does and doesn't make a sociopath and some examples from reality and fiction (specifically, well-known television characters). There's a little snippet below...

"I was lent a fascinating pop-psychology book last year which really opened my eyes. Now the bad things that people do in the world all make good sense to me, and the things that other people agonize about in ‘public morality’ don’t trouble me. But what’s most useful about this book and this approach – which we should all handle with caution anyway – is what it can teach writers about how to understand and explain ‘bad’ people in their stories. Really, it’s an interesting account of a vital aspect of life, that we should all be aware of, especially writers, and which gives us a great view into it."

Thoughts guys?


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