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Slider with motor & motorized head pan&tilt. Fully programmable, multi-step shot.

Is there any cheap alternative to a Motorized Slider & Head System paired with an app, like Kessler motorized sliders&heads with kOS CineDrive?

I saw somebody combine the Rhino EVO slider PRO with eMotimo Spectrum ST4 / Shark Bundle which seemed promising but all the movement is manual, as in, you turn knobs while shooting, without possibility for pre-programmable shots. kOS has everything I would like in a system, but I know of no other and Kessler stuff is expeeeensive.

This is what I am talking about with kOS, where each curve represents slider, tilt, pan, focus. (tilt curve is currently selected in the image)

Here's a video of how it works, it truly is a piece of magic if you did not know about it.
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I just saw there is this if anybody else is interested in the future:
Looking into it now.
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