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Feelworld G55 (like a half priced SmallHD 502) 1920*1080 5.5" FHD monitor with Wavefo


Is a new product (has only been listed on Amazon since May 31st, & was announced on Twitter by Feelworld a bit earlier in the year) that looks exciting! Like a SmallHD 502 (US$1.2K) but at half the cost (US$650). Though yes, it misses a few important features the SmallHD 502 has, such as 3D LUT support.

But the Feelworld G55 still is a feature packed display:

1. 19201080, 1000:1 contrast, IPS wide view angle H/V 160
2. 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI input and loop-through output
3. Monitoring via 3.5mm stereo headphone jacks
4. Built-in LED tally indicators (Red, Green, Yellow)
5. Special Features:
*Waveform (RGB, YUV, Y (Luminance)
*Vector Scope
*Color Histogram
*Focus Assist (Red, Green, Blue, White four color optional highlight over parts of the image in focus)
*Embedded Audio Meter
*False Color
*Zebra Exposure
*Internal Color bar
*Squared Segmentation
*Camera Mode
*Scan Mode (Auto, Over Scan, Full Screen)
*Real time video zoom-in (Standard, 4x, 9x,16x)
*Anamorphic Mode (1.3x, 2.0x, 2.0x mag)
*Pixel to Pixel
*Center Marker
*Safe Area (80%, 85%, 90%, 93%, 96%)
*Marker Type (16:9, 4:3, 2.35:1, 1.85:1)
*Marker Color (Red, Green, Blue, White, Gray, Black)
*Check Field (Gray/ Red/ Green/ Blue)
*Image Flip (Horizontal, Vertical, Hor&Ver)
*Image Freeze
6. Titanium Metal Frame Design

The Feelworld G55 has a bigger brother, which appears to have the same specs except for a larger (& bit higher resolution) screen ( 7" 1920 x 1200), the Feelworld G70:

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Another thought is the Lilliput Q5 which has an estimated rough street price of US$475 which might make it an even more attractive option!

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feelworld g55, feelworld g70, monitor, smallhd 501, smallhd 502

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