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Solo 4/5

What a great movie.
Ron Howard is an awesome director and I went into this film with high expectations that were met 100%

Thats so cool, it doesn't happen very often where a movie is exactly as great as it should be.
And all of the stuff that you know will happen (e.g. han is going to wind up owning the millennium falcon) is still kept fresh! the scenes dont play out how you would expect them to, its a very nice touch.

ms stormborn from GoT and maeve from west world both have prominent roles and theres room for a sequel if the box office permits it... doesnt look likely but who knows, if this is a smash hit on blu ray then it will do great for a sequel.
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Solo was a great movie. It only failed at the box office because that's what happens when you release a film on Memorial Day weekend. DISNEY!!
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they didn't want to advertise solo while the last jedi was still bringing in money at the box office.
they really screwed over the marketing campaign and youre right it should've been pushed back a couple months
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Glad to hear it was good. I'm not a SW fan but you mention the timing etc. I will also mention the trailer SUCKED! Whenever there's some cheesy jokes in a trailer or humor that fails, to me, I figure... it's a trailer so they are giving us the best! So glad to hear the movie was better.
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yeah i dont remember it for its comedy. a couple laughs in there though
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The Strangers: Prey at Night [Unrated] (2018) - 6.5/10

In my humble opinion, the movie is a solid sequel, but did not fully satisfy the expectations I had established based on the original movie, The Strangers (2008). Overall, the production effort is strong, but the story line is fairly predictable. With that said, the movie is a worthy one-time rental, especially for fans of Horror/Thriller movies, but future replay value is low.

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Lost River


Pretty decent directorial debut for Gosling. The canvas he used of location, style, etc. was pretty good.

Story was ok. Not terrible but not completely enthralling. Very much an "auteur" type film which makes sense since he wrote and directed it. Acting was good and he had professional actors in the lead roles. The cameos by non professional locals really added a natural flavor to it.
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carriers - not rating it that high really, it was watchable but the story wasnt great

it felt like a lot of nothing happened and your left wondering about all the loose ends (like what happened to bobby or the dad and girl, who where the masked people and how did their friend die, what happened at the makeshift hospital, why did truckers hunt down and kill that random man etc...) it feels like they either get there after everything already happened or leave without finding out what will happen

non of the charcaters are particularly likeble, the more interesting 3 are the 3 whose stories never get an ending

plus there seems to be a preface missing because at the end its talking about how the survivers are strangers but they did this whole journey together so its hardly like they are still strangers - it also never really goes into detail about how they found this 'stranger' and had them join the group anyway and started with her already intergrated in the group so to the audience she just a member of the group

it felt more like it should have been a meandering 'walking dead' style tv series where they could expand on the different characters/stories rather than a film
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Re-watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. 10/10

Why is this film so underrated? 51% Tomatometer? Dumb. Makes me question the validity of Rotten Tomatoes as well as my fellow man.

This is what movie magic is.

Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four. 9/10
Interesting. Along the lines of Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau or Lost in La Mancha

De Palma. 10/10
A must see, I think.

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