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GPL Violation - help needed


I am the project admin of SuperTuxKart, and we have recently been made aware that a company is taking our sources and potentially some of our art assets, to sell a game on Google Play for Anroid and Apple iTunes Apps store for iOS.Our Source Code is GPL (v3 - some files are v2, but contain the " or (at your option) any later version" clause), all our art assets are CC, GPL, or Public Domain. The developer called the game "Super Kart 3D" on iOS, and "Super Kart 3D" as well as 'SuperTuxKart" on Google Play. 'Super Kart 3d" is obviously using the same engine (based on the included data file, our shaders, symbols in the .so file), and even though most tracks look new, they are based on existing tracks, just with new textures or new models (e.g. the track outlines shown in a minimap are still identical). The developer does not "carry prominent notices stating that you modified it" nor "carry prominent noticesstating that it is released under this License", both required under the GPL. The source code is not released (afaik), an email requesting the sources was not answered. He does not provide credits for any original developer or artist (required for any CC asset).On iOS the situation should be clear, the iTunes license is not compatible with GPL. I've contacted Apple around 3 days ago, but nothing has happened yet. Does anyone have experience with the infringement process on iTunes? How long does it take? What kind of evidence do we need to provide? The online form only contained a very small entry field, so I only wrote a shortish-paragraph there. Do we need to provide more?On Android GPL is acceptable, but the developer is obviously still violating the GPL. Does anyone here have experience with the complaint process on Google Play? Potentially we can even claim a trademark infringement for 'SuperTuxKart" (according to wikipedia: "The United States, Canada and other countries also recognize common law trademark rights, which means action can be taken to protect an unregistered trademark if it is in use"). Not sure if this helps.Any other recommendations? Any organisations we can/should contact that could support us (though we don't have much if any money - maybe enough for 2 hours from a lawyer

Please help.

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New type of spam!

Copy and paste someone's post from the net and add your spam link at the bottom.

Second time this idiot is back to spam the crappy agency app.
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Members please keep an eye out, it's the same guy that posted questions not related to the agency link. Thanks
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