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Gimbals allowed in a music festival?

Hey guys, I'm hoping to go to Tommorowland or EDC in the near future, I'm wondering if they would allow me to bring in:
a) My sony a6000, with a small 35mm18 lens, looks pretty tame
b) a gimbal. I was looking to purchase a Zhiyun weebil for its small form factor

Anyone with thoughts or first hand experience? Thanks!
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Why not ask the festivals?
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For what purpose are you shooting? Festival promoters and artists tend to be very strict with their media, and are often overly suspicious of professional-looking equipment - and the security people out front generally have little idea about camera equipment and make a quick judgement based on how it looks. Gimbals can also look a bit 'weapony' especially when disassembled so that is not in your favour either.

I would get in contact with the festivals and see what they have to say, potentially see if you can get media accreditation.

I've had no issue bringing equipment into festivals with media accreditation, though most often you're entering through a different entry (i.e. not the general public/ticketholder entry).

As an example, I was shooting BTS and interviews for a major music act that was performing locally. I had a media pass and was able to enter with all sorts of equipment through the stage entrance. The band had a couple of hours break before they needed to go on stage so didn't want cameras/media around. I thought I'd quickly head down the road and grab a bite to eat, and took my camera and some audio gear with me in a bag. When returning I was unable to find the stage entrance again and attempted to go through the main gate, to which I found security unwilling to help me out and told me (despite having a pass) that I wouldn't be able to enter unless I ditched all my equipment.

Needless to say, I had to phone one of the Producers to help me out and I eventually made it back in.

You might get lucky, but unless you're going to have a car or someone dropping you off with whom you can leave your stuff should you not get let in, I'd say there's a good to fair risk of being stuck.
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Anyone with thoughts or first hand experience?
I ran a music festival for work earlier this year. I wouldn't have minded so long as it didn't interfere. Another festival director may have a different opinion.
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Sometimes depends on the artist

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