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6/14 Update: We will be back asap. Posting is disabled until further notice.
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just since its on the topic but I just read this about death becomes her

'When the original film was screened for test audiences, the congregated hive of minds was adamant: the ending had to go. As a consequence, not only was the ending of Death Becomes Her changed, but it meant a subplot about a bartender the character of Ernest (played by Bruce Willis) falls in love with had to go. In spite of said changes, the film never caught fire at the box office in the way it was expected to.'

so it seems parts where altered and it didn't have a great reception at the time of release
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I think I watched Death Becomes her again the same day OP posted.

On the subject of Sausage Party. I watched that on the same day I watched Swiss Army Man. It was a day of surreal and dark humor.

I enjoyed both Sausage Party and a Million Ways to Die in the West. If I had a choice of preference it would be A Million Ways.
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Swiss Army Man is a wonderful movie.... 8/10
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