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QuickTime Player "Now" Short Film


Just got done with a short film entitled "Now" This all came about due to my want and need to practice cinematic techniques. I don't get a lot of time to just play around filming and I want to do that more. All this was shot and edited under three hours. There were no second takes. I really wanted to play around and make a fun test. I hope you like it. And tell me what you think
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I like it. Nice "start" as far as choice of shots and composition are concerned. What jumps out at me are editing problems. I see that it can be trimmed a great deal. In fact, another editor may cut it by half. You need to tighten it up, but this is normal. I assume that this is your "first cut", or rough cut, which usually runs long.
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I agree with Rayandmigdalia.
Also I wish there was a payoff at the end. You hold the last shot for a long time so I was waiting for something to happen. But it's pretty good for 3 hrs. work.

What if you make that last shot even longer & we hear you & someone else in another room, you have an argument with a parent/friend/mate, you can't take it anymore. Gunshot rings out. Sound of body falling. Seconds of silence. The other person wails, apologizes, frantic. The last thing they say reveals what the fight was about.
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Great points, Buscando. There definitely wasn't a pay off and I agree with the comment about trimming. Question, is there a reason you didn't take more time on this? There are plenty of ways to get experience or practice editing. But you crafted a narrative, why not take your time and try again?

Streamline it, remove the jump cuts, deliver at the end. Would be cool to see a thought out product. Then again I personally enjoy films that try and do more with 90 seconds than some do in 90 minutes.
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Thanks ZMY.
Maybe stridermax had limited time & was just really excited to shoot something for practice. But yes, the end product just becomes much more satisfying for the audience when there's a point to it. So help us get more enjoyment from your next one stridermax
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