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You are a fine lawyer. You answer the question without offering an answer.
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Originally Posted by directorik View Post
You are a fine lawyer. You answer the question without offering an answer.
As far as I know, I answered you. Whenever I read something that perks me, I go back, review what I have learned, and see if I will be coming to a different conclusion or keep the same one.
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Originally Posted by Rayandmigdalia View Post
Simply pick a handful of youtube videos at random and look at how many views they have had. You will see that most only have a few hundred plays. Personally, we have 117 videos on youtube...some for many years....and our LIFETIME earnings for ALL 117 videos combined is only $59.58
Hi Rayandmigdalia,
-Do you know the type of arrangement advertisers have on your videos? Depending on the type of ad contract they pick, the advertiser only pays if people click on the ad, or if they watch a certain number of seconds before they skip the ad.
-Do all your videos have ads all the time?
These could explain why you're not getting more money. I've read it's not simply about the views.
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Originally Posted by buscando View Post
I've read it's not simply about the views.
But still it is true: most videos on YouTube don't reach the 1000 views.
And views still count, because no matter what kind of add you have on your video: 0 views = 0 income.

Taylor Swift made 4 million on YouTube with 4 billion views.
This makes it really about views.
Rayandmigdalia might tweak a little here and there, but that wouldn't have made the total income 10 or 100 times higher. The only way to accomplish that is more views. It is a numbers game. Most YouTubers don't make their money from YouTube adds only: they also use affiliate marketing to sell what they talk about.
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Originally Posted by payperfilm View Post
My movie The Corpse That Wouldn't Live was just demonetized because it might be too extreme for Youtube. I would think it was PG 13 at worse. Advertisers don't want to associated with controversial material. That's something else to think about.
certain keywords like "Corpse" would definitely be auto-demonetized
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It also takes a ton of work to build a channel. You have to post videos at least once per week. Once per day would be better. Jenna Marbles was lucky enough to have one video go viral (How to trick people into thinking you're good looking). That's what got her on her way.

But thinking you're going to be the next YouTube sensation is like all of the people who move to Hollywood thinking they're going to be the next great model, actor / actress, musician, etc. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll. I know too many people with great talent who never made it after years of trying. YouTube has to be equally as challenging.
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