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Why Run? (Short Film)

Ever wonder why people run? I mean: Why run when you could walk? Why run when we have forms of transportation? Why run when for other sports running is a punishment? In this short documentary, you'll hear from three runners explaining the benefits of running and why it is special to them. I hope you enjoy!
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Because they can't catch a football or take a hit. I kid, I kid! Just joking and kudos for making your video.
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That was really nice and chilled out dude

That shot at 1:38 made me giggle, the way they bolted across the frame

Only criticism I have, would maybe be to include some more shots of running/the track or something to do with the topic which could build up an atmosphere and cut them in during the interviews

But honestly it was really nice
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Well done. I've been trying to get back to running. This was good to watch, and a push for me to get on the road.
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Nice short doc. Why Run? It's an interesting question to ask that I feel you could easily expand into a longer more in depth documentary. I like the backing music and the general easy feel of the short. However, I agree with Nomme that maybe there could be a bit more footage of the guys running. Keep it up. I want to see more.
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