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Are you looking for original material to make a short film?


Short story available free; intentionally written for aspiring filmmakers; minimal set up, one location, two actors, easy to stage. 10-15 mins duration. Screenplay written and available now.


I have written a short story that is beginning to garner a little attention. It is called Low-Maintenance Organisms.

As well as a story in its own right, it was intended as a vehicle to aid aspiring filmmakers looking for material they could easily adapt to their own circumstances i.e. it is easy to stage.

You can find the original story here:


What is the set up?

One simple location (with optional brief flashbacks to others); two actors. Dialogue based.

What is the deal?

I love films, including shorts. It can be difficult for filmmakers to source suitable material that doesn't require hefty budgets, time, multiple actors, fancy sets etc.

The story was designed to be simple to stage, yet has room for creativity.

Is there a script?

Yes. Available here:


Are there conditions attached?

Very few. It is for non-commercial use. I need to be credited etc. Nothing very demanding. No fee required.

Full details on the page linked above.

Can I adapt it?

Absolutely. That was the point of it. To enable filmmakers to adapt it to their own situation. The only stipulation is you must stick to the spirit of it e.g. adapt some of the dialogue to suit your own actors, but don't substantially change the focus.

Do I have to pay a fee?

No. As long as it is for non-commercial use. I do require a credit, and as a courtesy to know you intend to use it.

If you are excited by the idea of working with a writer to bring your own skills and talents to light then check it out on my site and give me a shout. I'd love to see what you can do with it.

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free, ideas, screenplay available

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