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LOGAN L Productions
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Scott, Moore has told false and unfounded facts before...I consider that lying (although he may have believed the false statistics, etc. who knows). Rush and Moore should both reform their ways of presenting their opinions; in my opinion. I believe that total honesty and non hypococy can greatly and deeply help society in many ways...no matter where it comes from. Moore has been blessed with AWESOME talent, but I think that he is misusing his power; not by ridiculing the president (and others), but by the way he does it.

The reason I get so annoyed when people say Bush lost the election is: they're usually talking about the fact that he lost the popular vote. That bothers me because the popular vote is not what decides the out come. It never has been, so why would the popular all of the sudden override the electoral college? Well, that's obviously not what you were trying to say, so you may have a good point. I still hold my position on the matter though.
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Demosthenes X
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o.k. thats great, but what im saying is that it just isnt an original idea for a film festival. Isn't that the whole point of film? To make somthing original, somthing unique, somthing that has to do with art. Well i'm sorry, but continuously bashing on Bush is not original, is not unuique, and has little, if anything to do with art.
That's hardly true. More than anything, the point of film, or all art really, is its message. A movie can look great - but if it lacks a theme, then what's the point, really? Films that carry a message are true art. Films that carry an important message (i.e. Don't Vote Bush) are not only art, but they're incredibly important. It's a little thing you may have heard of, known as Freedom of Speech.

It's a sad fact that the American people are largely uneducated about the negative effects the Bush Administration has had on the country. With that in mind, films like these are hugely important. I get the feeling you only object to them because they're "bashing" Bush. I say "bashing" because bringing to light the things Bush has done (or failed to do) is hardly bashing.


The only thing I ask is that the anti Bush people be sensible and not call him Hitler, but I guess actually knowing and understanding History is something I can't expect of people educated in the US school system...
You're right. Hitler fought for his country while Bush desserted the Air Nation Guard. Hitler waged a terrible but largely successful war while Bush waged two failed wars. And Hitler managed to string two words together while Bush was misunderestimated.
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[strike]Raymond Shaw[/strike] "George Bush is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life."

Edit: Poop. Strike tags don't work here.

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