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"Shoot in Any Direction and You'll Hit a Bastard"

We ended our impromptu 2016 film festival run this year with 13 Laurels including 4 nominations and 2 wins.

We have no choice but to consider our "proof of concept" successful and will continue fleshing out the screenplay and pursuing funding to shoot the feature "Fist of Guanto"

Thanks to all who endured my annoying updates and if anything, anything at all, about a retro cult spaghetti western emulation captures your eye, ear or spirit please please follow us on the rest of our foolhardy journey.

Thanks guys.


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Pretty funny. Is it a comedy? I noticed the colonel's hat being on, being shot off, being on again, etc. Well developed though.
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Is this a short film, or a feature? I gotta say, I think that might be the my favorite movie title, I've ever heard .

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