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And the award for most Popular movie goes too...

Oh wait I have the wrong card in my hand. I have the best picture. Hey, can someone get me the card for most popular film? La La Land!

My first thoughts on this is that if I win most popular movie and not best picture then I didn't really win.

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Interesting info, eomer.

Yeah, I would probably feel the same way, xD.

I think we could probably save them the trouble bothering with such a category by simply looking up which movie sold the most tickets in the year. How exciting. How meaningful.

Not surprisingly, the press prefers the narrative that the show as become too long and too boring.

But maybe there's another important explanation: it's become too politicized, too political.

Instead of a celebration of movies and the business, it's become a platform for "teachable moments" and finger wagging…both from actors who are supposed to deliver acceptance speeches, not lectures, as well as from the media covering it.

They choose to use the spotlight to push their personal political and social agendas. And now that platform is withering.


Maybe there is no correlation there for the general population of would-be Oscar watchers. Maybe the correlation exists only for me. But I bet I'm far from the only one. Speaking for myself, someone who used to love the show, they would have to pay me a significant amount of money to watch it now.

I guess all the more reason to look to independent cinema.
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