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Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
Harvey is a sick man who had the power that allowed him to do the things he did.
Ask yourself, why did he do these things? It probably has something to do with his upbringing.
Well adjusted people don't suddenly turn into sociopaths.
It has everything to do with his upbringing. He's not a 'sick man' any more than the plethora of men in positions of absolute or relative power across the world are 'sick' - and there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Probably tens of millions men who have unacceptable attitudes towards women. People who you and I would call friends. People who are otherwise normal.

It has nothing to do with being well-adjusted or being a sociopath. It has everything to do with a society that has and continues to treat women as nothing but sexual objects. That implies that women have no worth other than in the way they relate to a man.

The reason this is so prevalent isn't because a huge number of men across the world 'just happen' to be sick sociopaths. It stems out of an upbringing in a society that suggests the male gender is the only one of real worth as a person.

Originally Posted by Velusion View Post
Can you say for certain that it would not corrupt you in any way?? Cause I'll tell ya, I'm honest enough to say that if I had that power and I was surrounded by beautiful women I might be tempted to use it. No, not rape or coercion but maybe a little "I scratch your back - you scratch mine".... if they were willing. Now, if you say that you absolutely know that you would not even be tempted I will say that you are in denial.
This is purely a hypothetical, but further serves to re-enforce my point. You feel that way because that's how you view women. Because of your upbringing, and because of society, not because of a sickness. We should be aiming for a society where all men are capable of seeing women as people first. And unless we call out unacceptable attitudes and behaviour we will get nowhere.
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