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6/14 Update: We will be back asap. Posting is disabled until further notice.
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My Latest Album, Free For Your Use!

Hello everyone!

It's been quite awhile since I last posted here on Indietalk; I've been very busy on a couple projects.

My latest project was an album called 'High Waters'. It's a folk-rock album entirely produced by myself. All of the tracks are recorded professionally, and are of the highest quality.

I wanted to offer the songs to any film makers who may need some neat backing music. The songs sound great, are extremely relatable, and some of them are even new renditions of public domain classics such as 'Streets of Laredo' and 'Will You Love Me In December?'

Any of these songs could prove useful in a film, especially the public domain songs, since they are in essence, Americana folk songs.

Below I have linked the page on my website where you may download the whole album (for free)
In addition, you can stream the album on Soundcloud. (Link is on the same page)

I'd highly suggest downloading the digital liner notes with the album. They are a collection of my personal thoughts regarding each one of the tracks, and you may find that they could prove very useful in relating the emotions in the songs, to the ones in your film.

All tracks, yours to use! I'd just like to be credited as "Brett Stewart - Underground Oceans". Also, I'd love to see the project or hear about it, so please shoot me a message!

I hope these tracks are of use to some of you, all the best!

- Brett

My Website w/ Album - http://brettstewart.net/underground-oceans.html
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Not too bad. The first track was really cool.
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I sent you a message through your website.
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free music, free to use, music, original songs, royalty free music

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