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Originally Posted by AudioPostExpert View Post
Split screen is used mainly for one of two purposes, where it's important for the audience to realise that two (or even three) different scenes are occurring simultaneously (in the story's timeline) or as a technique of simultaneously showing different angles of a single relatively complex scene, where a wide shot wouldn't show enough specific detail and a closer shot would eliminate visual elements of the scene from the frame which the filmmakers wanted the audience to be aware of.

The difficulty is, as sfoster mentioned, "split screen can confuse the audience about where to look". In fact, I would go further and say that split screen WILL confuse an audience unless handled very well/carefully. In the case of say a web chat or conversation of some kind, what's most important to the story at any particular instant, the expression/body language of the person speaking/typing or the response of the recipient? Whichever it is, how do you focus your audience's attention on the appropriate screen at the appropriate time? Asking this question another way, what happens to your audience's feeling of involvement or interest in your story if they are looking at the wrong split at the wrong time or even if it doesn't matter which screen they are looking at? I'm not saying this issue can't be solved but I would say that it's an advanced technique which needs thought and skill throughout the various film crafts and phases of filmmaking, to make sure that the split screen actually aids the storytelling rather than doing the opposite and being a distracting gimmick.

I don't remember the OP requesting a lesson in split screen.

Seriously, too much noise for a simple question.

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Originally Posted by jsnbasanti View Post
I don't remember the OP requesting a lesson in split screen.
LOL, the annoyance AKA AudioPostExpert. Knows everything about everything. Let's the world know it.

Wouldn't be surprised if he adds to his fictitious resume, "Master Cinematographer," as is generally his style to expand/embellish his resume to establish dominance on a subject in a thread.

Any request for validation of said resume will be met with misdirection and ad hominem attacks on your character.

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Originally Posted by jrusso View Post
LOL, the annoyance AKA AudioPostExpert.
Normally, you post incorrect information in an attempt to mislead a member asking for advice/information and then derail the thread with childish insults. This time though you just made a useless post and then tried to derail the thread with childish insults. "Useless" as opposed to "misleading" is an improvement in my book, so ... well done!

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