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Hello, help please!
I'm trying to make my first independent film to finally get my career started.
After eight years of working on films with my cousins, we have all gained so much experience on film! Our short movies and videos have progressed so incredibly.
Although, no matter how much we learn, we are still limited with our resources and what we have. That's why, we'd like to push the limits and produce a full movie, with props, costumes, outfits, and maybe even a new camera!

That's why, I began a donation. Anything helps! Whether it be $20 or $1 or even some advice on producing my first actual movie, it all helps. Here's the link to the fund: https://fundly.com/first-professional-movie-budget Even just going in and clicking support helps!

And also, from others with more experience than I have, any advice on producing your first movie, any tips? Thank you so much!

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and good luck!
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I'm a broke boy.

My novice advice is write a feature that shouldnt take a lot to produce.

The more prepared you are from tallying how much everything should cost from insurance to talent to props gives you a goal to reach. Shave off 10%. Force yourself to improvise.

Have an extensive storyboard and/or shot list. Save time in shooting by more doing and less thinking.

Next, be a producer or get a producer to broker a good deal to have a video production company shoot it for you with professional quality and equipment.

This is from shear business acumen. Im in it to make money. The money is in features so im trying to shoot a film that nets me $20k for $4k.

Thats my advice. Cut life expenses if you can and produce it yourself.
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