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What is your favorite software and why?

Which script-writing software do you use? Personally, I like “Scrivener” and “Celtx”. I use Scrivener to plan the story (I also write normal story – not scripts only). I use Celtx to format it. But what are your favorites and why?
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KIT Scenarist for story planning ( love it's flowcharts) and Fade In for writing the actual script. Both apps are totally cross platform (Win, Linux, Mac) and super stable. Fade In is also very clean. It gets out of your way and just lets you write. Both also work offline, which is important if you like writing on the go. To me, Celtx has been dead for years. It's bloated, cloud based and I had to be online just to get a page count.
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I like Final Draft best, but that may simply because I've been using it for years.

I use Celtx when my script consulting clients use it, and it's OK.
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Final Draft.
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Writerduet. It is online, free, very simple, easy and clear. It also has all the sittings you need and they are quick to use. If you decide to pay 10 dollars per month you can have a lot of advanced options.
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Started with 'Celtx' (free, easy to use). Now using 'Final Draft'.
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