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Idea Website, portfolio and CV - Guidelines for screenwriters

Hi everybody!

Lately, I have been thinking about managing my professional profile. Many articles in online journals and forums claim that every pro-screenwriter should have a website, a portfolio and a specific CV.

The website and the portfolio should be showcases for past and future projects, and the CV must contain specific information about writing skills (check this out -> http://www.jobhero.com/resume-samples/screenwriter).

I have a few questions for you:

1. What are the best web development platforms (like Wix or WordPress) for screenwriters?

2. How to make a website look more professional? What about templates, fonts, pictures, and contacts?

3. What should be inserted into the website and the portfolio? Loglines, synopses, scripts all together?

4. What about the CV? Did you write about your skills and your genre preferences?

Thank you to everybody!

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Hi Script-ore,

1. You have to decide it. Wix.com and WordPress.com have different goals. Wix.com is for websites specially. And WordPress is for blogs.
2. How’d told ya. You decide it. It’s your website. If you have good photoshop skills you can do one by yourself.
3. I wouldn’t make a portfolio. I would make each topic separate.
4. No. If I were you, I would show some good examples always.

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I use Wix for my screenwriting web site, and link it to my .com (www.maralesemann.com) via GoDaddy.

I do a lot of script consulting, so I have feedback from clients as well as a pitch as to why people should hire me.

I've got separate pages about my produced screenplays, with links to the trailers and some behind-the-scenes photos.

There's a "contact me" box that can be clicked; my email address and phone number are also listed.

As Future_Screen said, it's your site so it's up to you.
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Thanks for your replies!
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