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Question I Visa for filming in the USA?

Hi there,

I'm producing a corporate project - short videos exploring the work of a research science body in the oil/gas industries. The company is based in the UK but also operates out of a university in Illinois.

We're flying our director out to the US with lots of kit - and I'm getting conflicting info on the right visa. Foreign journalists working on news media comes under the I Visa (we're not exactly that) - so does 'educational film' which is very vague. Do you guys think the I Visa is what I need to get our crew? Or another visa, or a business visa?

Thanks - any advice is appreciated. The USA and visas can really be a mire sometimes.
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It can definitely be a real more so honestly I'd suggest that you ask an immigration lawyer.
This sounds like a pretty serious project, and it's worth a few hundred dollars/pounds for a consultation to be sure you do it right. There will be a far bigger cost if your crew gets to the US and can't get through Immigration.
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Welcome to indietalk.

Originally Posted by jogewirtz View Post
The USA and visas can really be a mire sometimes.
Visas to the UK can be confusing and nearly impossible so I understand.

The I visa is the way to go. But yes, in this case contacting an immigration lawyer
is the wise suggestion.
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Corporate project is commercial work: work visum.
According to my logic :p
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I'd be thinking that if you are not going to earn money there you just need to figure out how long you're going to stay there https://tranio.com/usa/residence/ And sometimes it depends on the country of origin. Where are you from, if you don't mind my asking?
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