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Leave No Survivors Action Short

I know this is not the greatest..very little planning went into this considering my original idea wouldn't have worked, point is i need to plan ahead of time but here is the final result.

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to me this was blury most times, i get the story which wasnt too good, also you had no music in the title? the guns looked crap, if your gonna pretend to shoot a gun have some recoil, what i would do is, play Call of duty, shoot the gun a couple of times, see how it recoils replicate it, then youl have better results, also make the story more interesting, it was just shoot shoot shoot, then that was it.

out of curiosity what was you hoping to achieve?
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Just to try and make a believable action scene, this video has no point and thats how it was intended to be. It was supposed to be just shoot shoot shoot. and I know it was out of focus a lot, but that was mostly because i had to be in shots as bad guys for every shot almost so i had to have someone who doesn't use camera especially dslrs shoot the video for me.
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