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Caution Collaboration On A Short Film Series


I'm in pre production on a short film series set in the Elder Scrolls world. I am looking for people to collaborate with when it comes to the post production area.

I'm looking to work with a competent VFX editor who can do things such as recreate the now legendary "Fus Roh Dah" etc. If I could see a showreel, preferably with something along the lines of that. That would great.

Also looking for a colour grader, again, showreel preferred.

This is a long term commitment as it is a series that will be shot over a long period of time, with breaks inbetween each episode. I can not pay at the moment, but if at some point I am in a position where I can I will happily pay.

Look forward to hearing from you all


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I realize this is off-topic from what you were asking, but if you needed music for your film, I would be glad to help out with that.

Aaron Martin, composer
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