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Composition Student looking for unpaid experience

I know, another free composer, but hear me out. I'm a second year composition student at L.I.P.A. looking for experience. I've recently been hired to score the trailer for a local production of Macbeth. I had a piece selected for inclusion in the fourth annual 60x60 concert. I'm also an avid scorer of movies for T.M.O. (based around a surprisingly adept video game that enables you to make films).

Naturally I wouldn't want paying (but I wouldn't refuse if you offered!), as you'd be doing me a favour by affording me the opportunity to work with you. There are examples of my music on my web site, DavidBenShannon.co.uk and you can email me david@davidbenshannon.co.uk.

Thanks in advance!

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That was really nice work you did, on "The Merciless Sun"

Reminded me a lot of a few Gorman Bechard projects.

Great job on "Quiet Creek Sanatarium", too.
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You have a local theater that produces trailers? Very cool.

Boyd Gaffney
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Hey im pretty interested in ihs music...i was wonder...would you like to help me with the soundtrack part of my 3D Animation? my email is rsonbie456@hotmail.com
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So it's been a while...

So it's been a while (18 months to be exact-iful), and things have changed a wee bit. I'm no longer a student but a real-life music graduate of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. I've been working for the past year-and-a-half on films, plays and have recently finished work on the score for a feature - My Big Break (which was amongst the best music experiences of my ever). I've had some concert stuff too which was pretty spiffy.

And now I'm back looking for more work. My web site is at www.davidbenshannon.co.uk. Feel free to give me a shout!
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