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Introducing a Sub Plot, or B story

Sometimes, especially during the second act, movies can drag. A good way to remedy this is to introduce a "B" story, or a "sub-plot." I know they're essentially the same thing.

Question is, does it HAVE to be connected to the main plot? My thinking is that what if this sub-plot serves as a way to show character, rather than advance the plot? Maybe by revealing specifics on a certain character, you ARE advancing the plot, but that's debatable.

For example - I'm almost done with a western, where the twist is that the sheriff in this small town is actually a lifelong criminal. While the main story is about his "finding out," I thought it would be good to introduce a sub-plot where I can show that he's actually a good man.

To put it more simply - a lifelong criminal winds up sheriff of a town (I explain this), marshals find out (main plot stuff), sheriff thinks he's redeemed himself through heroic, yet violent acts around town.
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