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Not sure what initial talks you would want to have. You would need to relinquish creative control, period. If you want to have it, direct it, period. Do you know what a first-time director is? It means what it sounds like. Get over the fear, and just do it.
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Daniel Abrahams
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ha ha yes, not really fear, just no idea, no idea about equipment, cameras, lighting etc and have any idea, other than visually, about editing and the equipment used. I filmed edited when film was film. I was, falsely, by the sound, under the impression that I may be able to find a director who understood the project and liked, not simply took it and did what they want.
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I understand better now. Thanks.

To find a director you can check local film schools.
To find actors you can check local drama schools.

Typically you look for actors once you have shoot dates set. You post
an audition notice and interview them to find the right people for the

One option for you might be to contact local DP's before your Mandy
free trial runs out. Even a beginner cinematographer can help you
with equipment needs so you don't have to know and understand
everything about equipment. Again, a local film school would be a good
place to start.
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Daniel Abrahams
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Thank you, that sounds like great advice, will get on to that tomorrow. Thank you once again, this has been really helpful.

Great to have some starting point.

Thanks again
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