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Another Super Short Sketch

Hey Everyone,

Here's another really short sketch, less than 30 seconds, so please check it out and let us know what you think, all feedback is welcome.

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Nope this one didn't land for me. Seems you are going the more "Seinfeldian" route with common annoyances for familiar chuckles instead of the absurdity of your other stuff.
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It's funny. Although a 2nd viewing a day later really dropped off in enjoyment. For something very short like this, maybe it would be fun to have more going on so that multiple viewings let you discover stuff each time. Like maybe if the item they both grabbed was something weird, or if it was a 2 color piece & each of them was wearing one of the colors. And in addition, what if a clerk in the background hears the woman fall, but then goes back to folding clothes & talking to their friend. I don't know, just ideas.
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I love the premise, my only thought would be adding a few shots to add some tension. Such as a quick extreme close up of each of the girl's eyes as they stare each other down.

Just because it's a short video doesn't mean you shouldn't have a variety of shots. Your "A Simple Misunderstanding" sketch I think really proved my point. (also that was a super funny video)

Can't wait to see more of your stuff!
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