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I don't know if it's on youtube or anything, but there's that one film that New Zealander Cameron Duncan made that can be found on the "Return of the King" appendices disc. Very very good.
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Got this from one of the lessons on Vimeo Video School:

Pretty impressive.
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Agreed. Awesome, had me the whole way... My only comment is that it's primarily his POV, and so would have liked him to look at his hands first, then reveal what he has done.
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i had no budget so went for a d.i.y job and filmed 90% in my house. having no acting skills i appeared in the film as myself,i think having some of the dialouge run over some scenes as a thought rather than spoken word helps.also an animal that the actor can sound off to is a great prop..
this was my effort
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A nap is good one actor short movie

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Originally Posted by Dreadylocks View Post
Oh, Endora.
Didn't she play Dr. Zeus?
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Originally Posted by vijayv2205 View Post
and nice flick!
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