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Idea We Invented Nothing OPEN CALL

Dear All,

we are two artists who decided to engage in a film experiment. Among your serious and surely brilliant filmmaking endeavours, we would like to offer you a small creative de-tour/experiment and apply to your personal/personally created video/image/sound archive that is collecting digital dust in the depths of your computers:

Summary: We welcome submissions in form of video/sound/other digital elements. Material that you created or engaged into personally. Maybe you were making a film and decided that few shots are not worth making into your film/ or you recorded something for SOME reason and never found purpose for it/ you're stuck, creatively blocked and you have ability to trust few strangers and emerge your creation into a new seemingly random context and etc.???..

Your submissions will be edited into a film between 19th November 2017 and 19th December 2017 and will be shown during the BAM film festival organised by Bierumer School art residency (Bierum, the Netherlands)

We will make sure to handle your submissions respectfully and we will use it only for the purpose and duration of the festival (for more details about, how we will treat your material download pdf. on our website).

Send bits of your creations no longer than 5min to our e-mail: mail@weinventednothing.com (via vimeo, drop box, wetransfere or anything else that would enable us to download your material)

Most importantly, thank you for still reading this, because we're about to tell about our point of departure...

It started with Guy Debord ''Society of Spectacle'' and ''Critique of Separation'', How does one approach filmmaking/image production, where do these images come from? How do we as observers engage into them? Obviously images these days run our world... How to create a story out of stock material, and where does this stock come from? Can we have our own? Why?.. How would images from the ''underground'' of our own forgotten archives communicate to the world and what do they have to say in comparison to the mainstream image?.. With our ''all too much'' enthusiasm and inability to concentrate - all conclusions remain to be drawn...

You have questions/struggles of your own, let us know when you send your submission and lets make it into inspiring exchange/collaboration/dialogue/exercise/experiment. who knows what else can come out of this...

All the best,
Julija and Lisa

P.S. the deadline is 19th of November, 2017
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