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[Oct 30] What are you working on this week?

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Scouting locations tomorrow for a corporate shoot on wednesday.
Working on proposals for 2 different brands of watches, lol.
And about to start on some new tutorials for a website.

And on friday: an important meeting
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Sending a final demand letter to a client. Sad, sad day. Never had to do it before.

This also means that I'm going to be 'contracting' for every gig now. I mean, I guess I should've been doing this before, but you know, I live in that 'everybody deep down is good' land. Well, that's that bubble burst.

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Cutting together my Kickstarter video.
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1) Will be shooting B-roll this weekend (at LA Downtown and Santa Monica pier) for a doc feature.
2) Editing a trailer for a 20 minute short film. This is the first time I am editing a trailer. More difficult than I thought.
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I pitched a script to a user on this forum, and he accepted it. He wants to turn it into a short film.
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Had a succesfull meeting on friday. This could result in an ongoing project for 10 days per month in 2018

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I shot part of the opening to my short film. Woot. Needs a buttload of VFX done to it. Also isn't complete.

And a scheduled scene shoot fell apart today. woot
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Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC
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Well, I am moving ahead with my vampire book trailer.

For those of you familiar with New York City, I went to Trinity Church aka St. Paul's Chapel on Church St. and Broadway (the day after the nut job drove the Home Depot rental truck into the bicyclists) and took 33 shots at night of the colonial graveyard. Seven of the 33 shots are useful with some editing. Tonight, I invested in some flying vampire bat stock footage for the trailer as well. I still want to do more shooting when time permits.
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