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Adjustable 2.35:1 letterbox?

Is there video editor that lets you *easily* move a 2:35:1 crop in a 16:9 picture? For example, in one part of a scene, I'm fine with the typical 2.35:1 crop; i.e., 131.5 pixels off the top, 131.5 pixels off the bottom. But in another part of the scene, I'd prefer, say, 200 pixels off the bottom, 63 pixels off the top. Ideally, I imagine 2:35:1 guidelines or letterbox edges that you can simply click on and drag up and down the picture (and that move with each other to maintain 2.35:1 ratio).

Next question would be, is there a video editor that then exports the 16:9 movie to a 2.35:1 movie along the crops you manipulated?
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FCPX, and every other non-linear editor I've used would allow you to drag your image around within the frame. Compressor will crop the black bars off, if you choose to edit in a 16x9 format, which you don't really need to, because you can drop your 16:9 clips into a 2.35:1 timeline and still move the image up and down within the 2.35:1 frame.

The more important question is, "what NLE are you using?" ... someone here may now how to do what you're trying to do in the software you are using.
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It works the other way around: you move the clip up or down below the letterbox or on the 2.35:1-timeline.

PremierePro you can indeed export a crop of the timeline, if I am not mistaken.
I never use that option: I make sure my timeline has the dimension I want/need.
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