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Landscapes of Memory

Christian Leperino - Landscapes of Memory [Long version, English Subs]

Short version:

With two installations for the exhibition Landscapes of Memory / Paessaggi della Memoria, Christian Leperino has definitively clarified the determining factor of his artistic vocation as he turns to an anthropic landscape and gives us an existential and privileged observation of the human condition.

Leperino pays great attention to the different declinations of expressive language, it is useful to remember that it was not by any means documentary vanity which made the artist ask Pigrecoemme to follow his work in progress at the Archaeological Museum and make a video which witnesses the different phases of his work.

The audio-visual material is this ethereal and intangible place which records what has been par excellence, revealing a similarity identical to memory itself, but above all involving a similar function to that of museums: spaces conceived in order to preserve, structure and share memory. The film is a sort of immaterial museum, an almost ideal reflection, where every ocurrence comes before any semblance of another time and another space. Through recording, even the usual evanescent inconsistency of kinetic energy of bodies and objects, everything acquires the evident power of a painted and sculpted sign. But what if this other time and space – as in Leperino’s two installations – were to reason on the ephemeral nature of every expressive situation?

Pigrecoemme asked Giacomo Fabbrocino to direct the documentary and he followed the creation of Leperino’s complex operation for about two months. He surprised the artist in his studio at the Nola foundry, engrossed in the initial phases of his work. He then narrated the project as it developed, first by following Leperino around in the apocolyptic setting of the electric powerstation in Vigliena. Here the imperious echo of old metal machinery is still alive, watched over by the quiet huge masses. Fabbrocino then accompanied Leperino around the city and went into its guts, into the veins of Naples’ underground system ending up in the ambiguous belly of the Eastern suburbs, in the footsteps of memory and journeys of the mind, which, like secret meanderings, ferry us towards the living secret of the city’s body.

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