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New Here, Wanted to Share some Shorts

I wanted to share a few shorts that I've written so people can get an idea of my writing style and the type of stuff I like to write. Sadly I suck at writing loglines. I'll be pretty active here so I figured why not.

For some reason just about all of my shorts focus on two men. I didn't do it on purpose, but it is what it is.

Any and all critique is welcomed.

A Night of Violence (11p horror/western - serves as a proof of concept for feature)
Logline - After arriving in the small desert town of Winterhaven, California, two city boys are tossed in the middle of a horrific event that takes place every year.

This is Absurd (20p thriller - work in progress)
Logline - In the middle of the New Mexico desert, two men encounter strange events that culminate in something other-worldly.

New Life (6p sci-fi/thriller - another proof of concept for feature)
Logline - A new medical procedure has made death nothing more than a treatable ailment. But not everyone can afford it. Robert, a Collector, is tasked with hunting these people down while becoming a recipient himself.

Hideout (6p thriller/crime)
Logline - Moments after a violent crime, two criminals take refuge in a small garage nestled in an alley. But the notion of a snitch creates a riff between them.

Love Bites (6p horror - this was filmed, but the director decided to not release)
Logline - With his girlfriend unresponsive in a locked bedroom, her boyfriend decides to break the door down.
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