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Ned Daly
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Safety and Liability Question

Just came back from a casting call for a commercial. Talent will be required to operate a chain saw.

Any standard safety practices I should insist on?

Any liability insurance requirements I should check on?

This is for a national chain.

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film guy
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Aspiring Mogul
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This is not a question you can ask on a public board, and you should retain an entertainment attorney to advise you. Good luck.
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Surely it won't have a blade, or will have a bladeless chain, or special chain. You could ask that.

I could pretty much ensure you no actor will be handling a real bladed chain saw. If so, I'd pass because sounds like an irresponsible production. That's like working with bullets not blanks.

See if you get gig, then check on safety.
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Props are the way to go. You can tell that to any line producer for your or the set's safety.
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