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Im a little uninformed about film festivals,would this make the cut?

Sorry for not having posted in a while ,life's caught up to me a little so I've been a little quiet about films for the last few months. But my names Dom, I am a 15 year old filmmaker from north wales, I specialise in music as a bassist and guitarist and all of my films are made purely with an Iphone. I recently had an idea for a film (and if I have a good idea, I will almost always try to interpret it into a film) So here's my film, it has religious undertones (to Lucifer and the "Light of the lord", I'm not religious myself but I thought it would make for a fascinating story) and its a semi-psychological horror. Ill leave out explaining the story as id like the film to do that. But id like to know if this would make the cut for a film festival? I feel like I might be missing something when it comes to festivals (what do judges etc look for in a film? I understand the basics when it comes to this but feel as though somethings hiding from me I cant put my finger on ). I want your thoughts and opinions on this film. What did you think in terms of clarity, cinematograph and of the like, I would like to know what I can improve in terms of story clarity (this has been the main criticism of many of my films) . Thanks once again, Ill make sure to post more often from now on haha
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Yeah sure it can! It's good to submit to the right fests. You may want to look for things like: Experimental film, underground, horror, shorts-only, and specifically phone-made film fests.

Spoiler: The sequence starting at 2:36 was done really well. It's creepy, and the jump scare was not predictable at all and gave me a little jolt. Well played.
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I predicted it but I still jumped. I think it's because you expected it to be some place else but it came from another. Well played.
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