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thanks to Angelina Jolie

I want to thank Mrs Angelina Jolie and dear Coen brothers for "Unbroken" Movie... I was friend with Jews of Hollywood since 2007, and of course, they knew me too.. They were working for Obama Campaign (you can see brand of Obama Campaign in No Country For Old Men film), and when he won, we were writing Obama's words, not all me, but some of it by me, too. It is what we never said to anybody else. King's Speech Movie is all about writing of one's speech, if you pay attention to that. AND IF you watch "Slumdog millionaire trailer", IT SEEMS say "Mostafa gand zad", which is what I said to hollywood: "I messed up" in Persian, or "it is my destiny means me, too"......
Plot, many scenes, colors, of unbroken were all my ideas to hollywood....
It is about Zion..........
I hope you loved Unbroken, I wrote version 2 idea too, but never made... Did you like Unbroken???????
In my idea, it was a cool movie...

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I hope they will appoint Coen brothers and they will be imposing my ideas in the film. Though wanting it is hard... VERY NEWS:

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I can't seem to find your IMDB credit
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I thought Hollywood was unfair because you didn't have an in, and they would never pay attention to you.

Oh, wait… Except for that one time that you said you were developing a movie that Spielberg was going to direct.

Oh, wait… Except for that time that you saidthat you had no connection to Spielberg.

And now, you claim to be an Obama speech writer who also has influence on Coen brothers films?

Hey, indietalk, I think this is less a language barrier and much more a reality barrier. How much longer are we going to play this loop?
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I think if Nobody was serious about writing or film making he would have taken Quality up on his offer to co-write
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Or mine. I offered to direct one of his scripts if took the time to
write one in the proper format.

And don't forget:
Originally Posted by nobody View Post
Anyways, I write and have ideas which are important in my idea.
I talked to one, and the result is this: Steven Spielberg saw my writings and told that I am very smart even compared to Hollywood writers out there.
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