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Budget for TV Pilot

I'm a graphic designer with a client who has an idea for a tv show. I'd like to come up with a budget for it to see if he wants to pursue it, and I have shot a few short films though don't have much experience with budgeting or shooting this kind of show.

It would be similar to Between Two Ferns and Waynes World in that it would be in one location, and 3 actors. The host, his sidekick, and the interviewee. The subject matter is a topic that hasn't really been explored a lot in this type of setting though is quite popular. I like the idea in that it's one location, and my client will pay, its somewhat low budget but not no budget.

So, I'm hoping we could shoot one long day, have several people interviewed, use improv actors for the host and sidekick, and hopefully come up with enough good material for a solid pilot episode.

I'm not really sure how to budget this though. The actors we have in mind are local to Atlanta and aren't "names", so they wouldn't be ridiculously expensive, but still not sure how much they would cost or whats a fair rate. Also, not sure what the minimum type setup would be as far as camera(s), equipment, sound and crew.

I understand this is pretty vague, but Im new to this and not sure what questions to ask. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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A lot of fairly new actors will work for deferred payment, which means they get payed when it makes money. Some will work for just credit in the movie and a DVD copy and food. Depends on each one.
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