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Modern Day Myth Prod. LLC
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Post Apple Final Cut Pro 7 No More Support

Apple is doing what Microsoft has been doing to force people to open their wallets to buy new software. Time to move up to FC Pro X.


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film guy
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El Director
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Chances are, the majority of people using FCP7 probably aren't using the latest OS anyway. I know that for me at least, once I have a stable environment and setup, including cameras, software and OS - I don't change anything until I feel the need arises that I'm missing out on something.
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Not at all surprised. The last few OS updates have supported FCP7, but not Motion 4 (from FCS3). Motion 5 cannot roundtrip with FCP7. So, unless you've been hanging out on 10.7.X, you've already lost a lot of support for FCP7.
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