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Varicam once $70K now less than 1K

AJ-HDC27F Panasonic Varicams used to be $70,000 back in 2005. Now they're asking like $740 to $800 or best offer on Ebay. LOL! I've been out of the loop for a while. What is the go-to camera that people are using for indie movies these days?
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We shoot almost exclusively on the RED Dragon but it really depends on the project. The DOP I work with owns it. I'll get to see the new Sony SF7-II in action next month though on a short film, which is exciting!
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Me and and buddies all have URSA Minis. Great cameras with amazing images, especially for the cost. Just need to make sure to light the shots, shooting with available light indoors is horrible with them.
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The oldest Varicams don't even shoot HD! Hence the price

The old Varicam was huge in its day, but I haven't seen anything shot on it in quite some time.

These days cameras are fairly cheap... what you use depends on your budget level normally. I've shot indies on Alexa, RED Dragon, Sony F55, as well as FS5's, FS700s, F3s, and DSLRs. Nowadays, there's much more choice and increasingly better quality for the price range.
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i would love a sony a7sii
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There are tonnes and tonnes of camera choices out there, all depends on your budget and needs. But all these are good "low budget" indie cameras:

BMPCC (or the Micro Cinema Camera, which has some improvements) / Panasonic GH5 (or the cheaper G7 or G80) / Sony PMW-F3 / Sony FS7 / Sony FS700 / USRA Mini Pro / Kinefinity Terra / etc
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