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Ned Daly
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Minimal Location Kit for one-man band

Seeking some advice about a kit for location shooting. First live action film. This is for a 6 to 8 minute short. Actors but no dialogue. Single location exterior and interior of abandoned stone tower - daytime. I do not have real location control think guerilla. No danger, but I need to be unobtrusive. No power.

This is what I have. It all fits into a padded camera bag of about 1 cubic foot.

iPhone 5s with Filmic pro

Manfrotto lens kit and case for iPhone
1.5 portrait
Holga lens/filter turret for iPhone
yellow/green/red filters
bi/tri/quad splits

Flashpoint 198 bi-color LED (dimmable) with batteries
Ikan micro spot (dimmable) daylight light
Blackfire led light with clip and adjustable head
(These fit into a soft case)
Chinese lantern with stick-up type closet light
Large piece of black fabric
Large piece of opaque plastic like a shower curtain

Sound capture
ZOOM H1 (keep it in a rigid eyeglasses case) with standard micro SD card
Extendable monopod with rubber handle as boom pole
MOVO SMM2 shockmount
Dead cat
Foam ball
Samson HP10 earphones
(also iRIG cast mic for iPhone)

AA batteries
Case Logic 4499mAh dual-port charger (for iPhone)

Two Joby Gorillapods with magnetic feet. One has pan/tilt head and arm. Both will accept the Joby spring holder for iPhone and cases.
Six- inch tripod with adjustable head
Plastic handle with screw head holds Joby clip, Zoom H1, etc.
Two plastic stands for iPhone
Manfrotto screw-in attachment for case
Bubble level two planes
Two medium size plastic spring clips
Four wooden clothespins
Two rubber bands
Roll of black tape
20 feet of monofilament
Box cutter
Small flat head screwdriver
Leatherman Micra multitool
Paper clip
Plastic magnifying glass
Lens cleaning cloth
Cables and manuals for electronics
Business cards
White balance cards
Peel-off dots to fix tripod location
Storyboard on spiral-bound index cards
Spray bottle with cornstarch for mist effect

What am I missing?
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film guy
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I used a monopod too as a boom pole a billion years ago when I started out filmmaking. But I wouldn't recommend it when a cheapie carbon fibre boom pole from China is so dirt cheap. Then get at least a Tascam DR70D and an Aputure Deity (the kit version).

Edit: oh, "one man band"? You're doing it all yourself? Well in that case just get a Tascam DR10L for each actor and cross your fingers and hope for good luck! (As you'll need a lot if doing it without a soundie....)
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