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Light beam from a window

For my short film, I'm looking to create a effect of a light beam coming from a window, just like the image. I've already tried several things, but the light appears all around the room and not like a real light beam. Is this possible? Do any of you guys know?
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The light is illuminating particulates in the room. What kind of smoke/haze
are you using?

Fill the room with haze, use one light source, expose to the light then adjust
the exposure until you get the desired look.
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there are shots like this where you think it's daylight outside. but sometimes its nighttime (or studio) and they are using one really bright light.
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What Rik said; one directional light and some fog/haze.

With a tungsten light, it's easy to direct it with the barn doors. But with sunlight, you are going to have to put some "flags" outside of that window, so you can make it directional. You can use wood, cardboard, etc. Obviously, you'll have to black out any other windows or light sources.
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