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Record 3 XLR microphones to Atomos Inferno using Zoom F4?


We're about to shoot a micro budget feature this summer and since we can't bring a 'real sound person' aboard due to various reasons, we're now looking at alternative ways to get good quality sound and to avoid having to sync audio/video manually (or any audio/video syncing issues in general).

Simply put, is there a way to connect 3 (or 4) XLR microphones to the Atomos Inferno through it's XLR breakout connection using a Zoom F4 recorder and it's 4 XLR inputs and get a separate track for each mic?

We'll use the following microphones / setup:

2x Sennheiser EW 100 ENG G3-A (Lavalier)
1x shotgun
1x Omni-directional microphone (but only in a few cases)

Maybe this is a stupid question, I'm not really aquatinted with any aspects of audio recording really

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