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Originally Posted by gorillaonabike View Post
The optimum shotgun mic position is above the talent, 30 cms in front, aiming at the base of the throat but the issue is getting the mic there. With a wide angle lens in a run-and-gun situation, the only way to guarantee this is a wide angle so you can slam the mic right in there.

Cameras with significant crop factors cause issues so a 2.2 crop with an 85mm on the front might give you a lovely image but in a run-and-gun, it's too far away for the purposes of sound recording.

The noise isolation arm allows you to put it in exactly the right place.
That's all very helpful information gorilla; thank you very much.

As I'm a bit wary of the DR-10SG due to lack of reviews, I was thinking about getting a tried-and-true quality shotgun mic & rigging up my own DIY noise-isolation arm on my DSLR to get the correct angle & closer to the talent.
This would consist of an Oben BD-0 TABLE TOP BALL HEAD mounted to the camera's cold shoe. The height would keep the mic out of the frame as well as allow for fine tuned angle adjustment:

Then mount a Dual Sided Mounting Bar Bracket on top of the Oben BD-0 running parallel with the lens to get the mic closer to the talent:

Then mount a Auray DUSM-1 Universal Shock Mount to the end of the Bar Bracket closest to the talent, giving noise isolation to a high-quality shotgun mic as well as additional height to keep the mic out of the frame, as well as angle adjustment to point the mic towards the base of the throat of the talent:

As far as balancing the added frontal weight, the Bar Bracket would also extend rearward, past the cold shoe -towards the videographer- where a Saramonic SR-VRM1 recording device with phantom power would be mounted above the camera's viewfinder & connected to the mic, possibly also riding on an Oben BD-0 so that the SR-VRM1's monitor could point at the videographer while also adding a bit of balancing weight:

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Just found 2 pieces of gear that could work for a compact, DSLR-mounted, mini-boom extension that would give a shotgun mic more proximity (adding a whole foot of proximity) to the talent, angle adjustability (to aim the mic at in the right spot as well as keep it out of the frame), all while being able to be operated by a single audio-video person in a run-&-gun situation:
Varavon Magic Arm V11

& the...
Skier 13 Inch Hot Shoe Arm 1/4" Screw Magic Base Mount Flash LED Monitor Flexible Holder DSLR. The Skier, unfortunately, has zero reviews. Has anyone ever used a product by this brand & can speak from experience?


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