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I read something on the internet about UV filtering

"All digital camera sensors have a UV/IR filter in front of the sensor, so there is no more need to use UV filters on DSLRs."

Source: https://photographylife.com/lens-filters-explained/

True or false? I don't see anything in the description or manual for the Lumix G85 about built-in UV/IR filtering.

I ask because I'll be filming at a beach and figured it can't hurt to use a filter, at least for protection. The vast selection even in a particular size and subcategory like "UV" or "clear" is dizzying.
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It's true modern cameras have inherent UV protection, but it will not physically protect the lens so many people still use them to protect from scratches, smudges, etc. Up to you!
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Sensors do all have IR cut filters, which is why you can turn your standard DSLR into an IR sensitive camera if you really have the want and the know-how (or money to pay someone to do it).

That said, you may need to use further IR cut filters if you're using heavy ND that isn't designed to cut it additionally.

UV is different to IR, but as digital sensors aren't particularly sensitive to UV, there's no need to filter it.
There may be some particular instances where a UV filter may help, but for the most part, they're unnecessary as far as the image goes.

As for protection - a lens filter is never going to protect a lens! These filters certainly can be used to protect the lens. I've ditched them as I don't see the point of paying thousands of dollars for a lens, only to put a <$100 piece of glass on the front of it.

But if you're going somewhere where there may be extra danger of damage to the front element, then sure - why not?

UV is a specific filter that filters UV light. Clear is essentially a piece of glass.
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