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Scouting using Airbnb

This is a question to anyone that can help or answer my question. I was wondering have any of you used Airbnb for it's locations. If so, what was your experience. What challenges did you face ?
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We just wrapped up a shoot using two airbnb houses. Our experience was pretty smooth. We did have to spend some time searching for the right places because not everyone was open to it. But, we had a site that showcased our work and we gave our full names and everything and made sure we were as transparent about the operation as possible, making sure to let them know the exact scale we were working on and what the shoot was going to be like. And of course, we actually went to the houses before we decided to rent the places.

Some things to note, though. Most houses, especially the highly rated ones are going to be pretty spotless, so if your character needs to be a little messy, I'd consider looking into some of the lesser ranked ones. We needed one of our houses to be a little unkempt and full of kids toys, so we found one that had a one star and it worked out perfectly.

Just make sure you're as open and transparent as possible, make sure you have location release forms, and make sure your crew doesn't fuck anything up and try to keep the noise down to a minimum. If you do that, it's smooth sailing.

Best of luck!
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