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thoughts on a $500 camcorder for a improv comedy feature shoot

Hi, I'm currently in pre-production of an improv comedy feature film.

I am looking to buy 2 camcorders around $500.
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which type of camera I should purchase. It must at least shoot 1080p video and must have external mic input.

Thank you for any suggestions.
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As always Uncle Bob has to asků.

"What are you doing about production sound and audio post?"

Your project will only look as good as it sounds, because
"Sound is half of the experience"

If your film looks terrible but has great sound, people might just think it's your aesthetic.
If your film looks great and has bad sound, people will think you're an amateur.
Sound is the first indicator to the industry that you know what you're doing.
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Originally Posted by Alcove Audio View Post
[SIZE="4"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]Your project will only look as good as it sounds, because
"Sound is half of the experience"
Indeed, this is very true.

Originally Posted by Winter98 View Post
It must at least shoot 1080p video and must have external mic input.
Originally Posted by mussonman View Post
I was really satisfied with the performance of my T2i (considering the price). However, it doesn't meet the OP's requirements. Yes, it has input for external audio, but you can't monitor it. And recording audio without monitoring it would be like recording video without monitoring it.

Should the OP decide to go with a T2i, or comparable camera, they'd definitely need to also purchase an external audio recorder. I, and many other tiny-budget folk, have been using the Zoom H4n, though I happen to know that our resident audio folk tend to have different recommendations.

Also, for a cheap used DSLR, I'd recommend the T3i. Though I was happy with my T2i, I would've much preferred to have the swivel screen available on the T3i.

Also, it's worth mentioning that the OP asked for recommendations of camcorders, which of course the T2i is not. I do agree that they should consider a used DSLR, but they may have other reasons why they prefer a traditional camcorder.

Winter, though I don't know the details of your production, I do agree with mussonman that you should consider a used DSLR (or EVIL) camera. Besides the obvious advantages of having interchangeable lenses, I actually really feel liberated using an external audio recorder. I learned how to make movies on an old-school camcorder, recording audio with the camera's XLR input. This type of connection is great for documentarians, but it sucks for narrative filmmakers. When you record audio with you camera's audio input, your camera operator is literally attached to your boom operator. That's a pain in the ass. It really frees things up when those two people are able to move independently of each other.

Regardless, best of luck, and keep us posted on your progress!
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$500, camcorder, feature, suggestions

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