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About Take

If a take is imperfect. Then does the director save the clip or replace them until the perfect one.
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Just because a take wasn't perfect from start to finish doesn't mean that there's nothing usable in there. Honestly, you may never get a truly flawless take. This is why we have editing. The editor uses the best parts of the takes and assembles them into a cohesive scene.

Also, never delete files from the card in the camera. That can lead to corrupted files and loss of your entire day's work. Shoot until the card is full, and have your DIT/media wrangler back up the ENTIRE card before it is wiped clean with a format cycle.
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Originally Posted by satyaos View Post
If a take is imperfect. Then does the director save the clip or replace them until the perfect one.
Save the clip.

The script supervisor will list each take and make notes.
If a take isn't good Scripty will write down why; NG (no good),
NGS (no good sound), NGC (no good camera), best or any other
reason. The takes the director likes are circled.

Never record over a clip.
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